Jacobson Veterinary Clinic




Dr. Jeff Jacobson




Dr.Jacobson is our licensed veterinarian and he opened his own practice back in 2001 which was 21 years ago! His clinic has been kicking ever since.

Dr.J has two pets of his own, a standard poodle and a staffordshire bull terrier.

In his free time he loves spending time with family and friends and we can assure you that he will be singing at all times!

Stop in and say hi to Dr.Jacobson or if you’ve never been with us, come on in and get to know a little more about our clinic! Feel free to bring your furry friends in as well to get used to the lobby and see how much they weigh! Dr.J would love to get to know you if he doesn’t already.



Office Manager:







Tricia has been an office manager for Dr.J since April of 2002! She has 4 Parson Russel Terriers and says they are “fun, crazy, and pure entertainment!”

In her free time, she enjoys traveling to show her dogs. All of them are finished champions and have more than excelled in the show ring. She also has an Antique business called Rusty Antiques, which I recommend you go check out!

A fun fact about her is that in 2019 her dog Jinx won best of breed at the prestigious Westminster kennel club dog show! She says “between all of the Parsons over the years, we have won 3 national specialties and 13 all breed best in shows”. Round of applause for that.

Long story short, Tricia is a busy and successful gal ! But she always makes time for the lovely clients that come through the doors of Dr.J’s clinic and always has a welcoming smile! Don’t be afraid to say hi next time you’re in.


Licensed Veterinary Technicians:






Shayna has been an LVT for Dr.J for 8 years now! I’d say that’s pretty impressive!

The photo Shayna provided below is of her two Border terriers and her favorite hobby is bone hunting! Very unique!

A fun fact about her is that bacon is her favorite food, which I think a lot of us can agree with!

Stop in today and say hi to Shayna! She will brighten your day with one of her jokes I’m sure!



Veterinary Assistants:


Sara F


sara    saradogs


Sara has been a veterinary assistant since 2002, off and on with Dr.J.

In her free time she loves spending time with her husband and her 3 dogs named Axle, Cam and Marty. Marty loves to swim!

Fun fact about Sara is she has a twin sister!!

Sara also graduated with BS in biology from Nebraska Wesleyan university! She works part time at Vet Emergency Services and full time at Neogen. But when she does work with us here at Dr.J’s office, she loves it and says all of our clients are wonderful and thinks of her co-workers as family.